10 ideas of what are the forms of painting

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Ceramic painting

Ceramic absorbs paint easily due to its structure. To ensure that your ceramic paint to stay the color tone and vividness you want, we recommend that you prepare the ceramic object you will apply to the paint with a water-based varnish application. After the varnish is completely dry, you can proceed to painting. You should pay particular attention to the paint you choose. During the application, you can think of the first coat as a primer. You might need to repeat the painting process 2 or 3 times, with respect to the coverage of the paint and ceramic. Finally, you can complete the painting process with spray varnish and leave the product to dry.

Foil application

 It could be made in two different ways: sheet and roll. It is necessary to focus on the selected brush to be able to make leaf leaf application easily. With the right brush selection, it is possible to apply leaf leaves to the surfaces and decorate your products with the splendor of gold or silver. Roll foil application is much easier and faster than leaf foil application. In the application of these foils, you need to use dimensional foil mixion adhesives. After applying the Mixion mixture at first glance, it is simple to apply roll sheets without breaking or tearing.

Wooden Objects and Carvings

Before starting the painting process, it is necessary to make sure that the product is sanded well. After the sanding process is finished, you can proceed to painting the object by removing the traces of the sandpaper with the aid of a slightly damp cloth. In the technique, it is essential to mix the paint well before applying it so your same color tone can be applied all around the floor. You must leave the object to dry after the first coat is applied. Once the object is dry, you can continue to apply it until you reach the desired shade.

Stencil application

It stands out as an artistic activity that means template, which has just started to become widespread in our country. This technique, which is very easy to make, can be applied in many areas from walls to chandeliers. The materials you need for the stencil technique, which enables you to get both a modern and authentic look in your home, are spray paint, stiff brush and a template you intend to apply to the floor.

Fabric painting

You should use stencil technique on your fabrics or you can apply different patterns using your own creativity. The caliber of the fabric chosen above all in the technique is very important. You should take care that the fabric you choose has the quality that holds the paint. In the selection of paint, we recommend that you consider the color of the fabric. If you are likely to paint light fabric, you need to use permanent or metallic paints. For dark fabrics, deck dyes should be your choice.

How to choose a paint?

The main trick in product coloring is to decide on the right paint. There are varying paint productions according to application areas such as effect, acrylic metallic, phosphor acrylic, style matt acrylic, fabric, premium acrylic, glass and porcelain, hybrid multisurface. Knowing the paint suitable for the work you wish to make and making your choice this way will help you get better.
If we briefly touch on these paint types;
• Effect paints permit you to give your work looks like concrete, marble and aging.
• You will get metallic look in your works with metallic paints.
• Phosphorous acrylic paints add a phosphorous appearance to your work with their vibrant colors. Glow in Dark series phosphor paints are a special series that glow in the dark.
• Style Matt acrylic paints help you cover better with fewer layers.
• You can add color and vitality to various types of fabric with fabric dye options.
• Premium acrylic paints can be utilized for many applications at affordable prices.
• Glass and porcelain paints are specially developed for painting on these surfaces. It has the feature of baking.
• Hybrid Multisurface paints are paints which can be easily applied to almost any surface. You should use this versatile paint on surfaces such as glass, porcelain, fabric and leather.


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